Commercial Garage Doors in Virginia Beach, VA

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Commercial Garage Door Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

When your clients or customers arrive at your business, they develop an impression of you based on how you maintain your space. Your garage door plays a big part in that first impression, from how it looks to how it sounds. More than giving your business a clean, efficient look, your commercial garage door also protects your space from the elements and theft.  

There are many different types of commercial garage door styles to choose from, including:

  • Full view glass and aluminum
  • Insulated commercial garage door
  • Commercial garage door with windows

Commercial garage doors come in a number of materials including aluminum, insulated glass, or steel. 

No matter the architecture of your building or what your company does, J&S Overhead Garage Door Service has the garage doors with the style, functionality, and durability that you need.

How Automatic Garage Doors Work 

An explanation of how garage doors work can help. There are two types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs are the most common types of springs found in industrial garage doors. Torsion springs use torque to open and close the door. These are also considered much more heavy-duty and durable than extension spring garage doors. With a torsion spring garage door, the bar is rotated, which turns the coils and makes the door move.

Extension springs can be seen in the upper tracks along each side of the garage door. This is a counterweight system that extends the springs when the garage doors open. With these, the door is connected to a cable-and-pulley system.

On either side of your garage door are two tracks that the door panels travel along when it opens and closes. The garage door is attached to the inside of the tracks via small wheels. Many people assume that the wheels help to drive the garage door to open and close, but they really act more as a guide along the track. To get the maximum precision and smoothness when using your garage door, you need these wheels to stay clean and lubricated.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

J&S can help you with same-day service for some of the most common overhead garage door issues including:

  • Broken overhead garage door springs
  • Frayed garage door cables
  • Slow-moving and noisy garage doors
  • Vibrating or shaking overhead garage doors
  • Overhead garage door falling out of tracks
  • Overhead garage door track issues

If you need an overhead garage door repair or a garage door opener repair or installation, give J&S Overhead Garage Door Service a call right away. We can respond immediately in the Virginia Beach area and perform maintenance or repairs before your garage door gets damaged or stops functioning. It is much less expensive to repair an under-performing component, garage door panel, or a single piece of hardware than to install an entire new garage door system. In other words, proper commercial garage door maintenance and repair will save you money in the long run.

Benefits of Commercial Garage Doors 

High-quality overhead garage doors add value to your property and make your business stand out as being clean and professional. Your clients and customers will notice a garage door that vibrates or is very noisy or looks rusted, so call us to schedule your new garage door installation. 

If you are looking to create an energy-efficient working environment or have other needs that require you to have climate control of your garage, then an overhead commercial garage door with insulated glass is the answer for you. These doors keep out the elements while allowing you to use the windows for light and visibility. Regardless of which type of commercial garage door you select, J&S will ensure that it’s properly measured and installed and that the materials are of the highest quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Garage Doors in Virginia Beach

If you do not see the answer that you are looking for, give us a call at (757)748-0770 to ask us directly or to schedule your free estimate for a new commercial garage door. 

Why Choose J&S Overhead Garage Door Service

We understand that your garage door is one of those things that you may not think about until it stops working properly or is damaged — problems that never come at a convenient time. In fact, you could be looking at a serious safety situation if you do not get your garage door fixed right away. That is why we serve all of Hampton Roads and provide same-day commercial and residential garage door repair and installation in:

  • Virginia Beach
  • Chesapeake
  • Norfork
  • Suffolk
  • Newport News
  • Hampton
  • Poquoson
  • Yorktown
  • Portsmouth
  • Smithfield
  • Williamsburg

Give us a call at (757)748-0770 to schedule your appointment. No matter the weight or the size of the door, J&S Overhead Garage Door Service provides all your garage door needs. Call today!

Overhead Door Services

  • Broken Garage Door Springs
  • Broken and Frayed Cables
  • Garage Door Panel Replacements
  • Heavy & Noisy Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Falling out of Tracks
  • Garage Door Opener Repair and Installations
  • Track Repair and Replacement
  • Garage Door Rollers 
  • New Garage Door Sales and Installations
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New Commercial Garage Door Installations

Ribbed Commercial Garage Door with No Windows

When you want a say in how your commercial garage door looks, we have several industrial designs available. No more one style fits all!

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Insulated Commercial Garage Door

High R-Value Insulated Commercial Garage Doors are great options for any building! Insulated windows are also now available for insulated garage doors to optimize your energy efficiency.

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Commercial Garage Door with Windows

Garage Doors are no longer made from steel only.  Now you have the options to choose aluminum, glass or steel. Whether you searching for style, functionality or durability we have what you need.

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Commercial Garage Doors with Windows

J&S Overhead Garage Door Service has a wide array of colors for commercial garage doors. Options ranging from red, blue all the way to white. Many sizes in stock for fast Professional Installations.

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Benefits of Commercial Garage Doorsin Virginia Beach, VA

Industrial Style

Industrial Style

When your are looking for Industrial Style a Commercial Garage Door in Virginia Beach, VA we have what you need. We offer many great styles to choose from.



Virginia Beach, VA Commercial Garage Doors offer durability that most people are searching for. The steel gauge, track and hardware are most often a higher commercial grade when compared to residential doors



Industrial style doesn't have to lack style or comfort. Our Insulated Commercial Overhead Garage Doors in Virginia Beach, VA have an array of energy efficient options including high R-value insulation.



Whether it's color, insulation or style, Commercial Overhead Doors in Virginia Beach, VA have many customizable options. Choose from windows, panel design or even steel or aluminum models.

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Client Reviews

We are so thankful for J & S!!! I requested for someone from their team to come out and repair our garage door spring. Just a few short hours later, I received a phone call from ADAM saying he was on his way. Upon arrival he assessed the garage door and explained what needed to be done to ensure that it will run properly again. He was very thorough and fair with the estimate, did the work quickly and efficiently (less than an hour), and was very pleasant to work with. I will highly recommend him and this company to all of my family and friends!!!! Thank you again!

Maria Covington

My garage door spring broke. Called J&S and Adam came out help replace my spring and oiled my door very quickly and reliable. Sounds better than before it broke. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

Chris Barnes

J&S came out and installed a new opener! The mechanic that came out was Zachary, he was knowledgeable and helpful. He explained everything so I could understand. I could tell he really enjoys what he does. Which also tells me he works for a good company. Thanks guys for job well done!

Justin Wright

I had a Broken spring and J&S came out and did a wonderful Job! Thank you!

Leslie Mann

I am so thankful that I chose to do business with this company. I called on Tuesday and the guy that I spoke with gave me a fair estimate. He was really nice. He set me up for an install for today ( Friday). The technician was Zachery. He was very professional and very friendly. He explained everything to me. This company did not disappoint.

LoLo Hanna

What a great company and amazing people! We had 4 garage doors replaced and could not be more pleased with the outcome! From the first phone call from Joe to the install from Rob, the process could have not been more easy! Rob is AMAZING! He took the necessary time to do the install and then provided a complete explanation of the new doors. He also installed a new door opener on our “big” door and took the time to not only explain and show us, he also linked all of the remotes to work with the other doors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Gregory - Valerie Ring

J&S originally installed my garage door opener back in 2016. I was having issues with the door closing so I called them yesterday. They scheduled an appointment for today and sent Adam. He was on time and professional. Adam was able to replace the sensors and made sure the indoor switch worked as well as the car remotes before he left. He wasn’t even here a full hour and had the job complete!

Shawn Wright

Exceptional service! Knowledgeable, friendly technicians Adam and Carlos. I highly recommend J&S for service

Tracy Hardee

I had a great experience! Adam arrived on time after calling that he was on his way. He explained everything, was professional, and fixed the problem very quickly. I already have them saved for any garage service in the future.

Megan Rosten

This by far has been one of the best repair experiences that I have ever had. I contacted the company in the morning and a technician was dispatched the same day and completely finished installing two new Garage door openers, and additional door support. The technician, Adam was professional, but yet personable. I highly recommend J & S Overhead Garage Door Service.

Melvin Marriner