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Garage Door Repair in Norfolk, VA

Garage Door Repair Norfolk, VA

Broken Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA happen on their own schedule. This is why we offer Same Day Garage Door Repair in Norfolk. VA Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repairs includes Garage Door Spring Repair and Garage Door Opener Repairs.  24/7 Emergency Garage Door Service is also Available 7 Days a Week. Return Trips are now a thing of the past because J&S Overhead Garage Door Service arrives with Fully Stocked Trucks ready for any Garage Door Repair or Garage Door Opener Repair.

Our Skilled Technicians Provide Garage Door Opener Repair in Norfolk, VA for Major Brands including Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Sears, Linear, Stanley, Raynor, Genie, Overhead Door Brand and Craftsman. If you require a Garage Door Opener Replacement, we offer Same Day Chain Drive and Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Installations.  Proudly Serving Norfolk, VA and Surrounding Areas. Call Today and Ask for SAME DAY SERVICE (757)748-0770.

Garage Door Services in Norfolk, VA

J&S Overhead Garage Door Service is Tidewaters Premier Garage Door Service Company. Proudly Serving All of Hampton Roads, VA including Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg and Poquoson, VA. Call Today and Ask for Same Day Service (757)748-0770.

A broken garage door can threaten the safety and security of your home, and an unsightly door can affect its curb appeal. It is important to get repairs or replacements done as soon as possible.

Types of Garage Doors

There are a few different materials from which garage doors can be created. The type of door you select will depend upon the style of your home and the area in which you live. We provide traditional styles as well as modern types including carriage house garage doors and glass garage doors. 

There are a few different quality materials from which Norfolk garage doors can be created. The type of new garage door you select will depend upon the style of your home and the area in which you live in Norfolk. We provide traditional styles as well as modern types, including carriage house garage doors and glass garage doors for residents in Norfolk, VA. 

The most popular residential garage door types in Norfolk are:

  • Carriage House Garage Doors
  • Insulated Garage Doors
  • Glass Garage Doors
  • Hurricane Proof (Wind Loaded)
  • Insulated with Glass Panels
  • Steel Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are the most popular overhead garage doors for residential homes and are made up of multiple panels connected by hinges—wheels on either end of the panel roll along vertical tracks on each side. Since there are so many variations of this style garage door they are easily customized for any home. 

Carriage House Garage Doors and Insulated Garage Doors are the most requested of the residential styles because they provide energy efficiency and curb appeal with the ability of raising your homes value.

Glass Doors

Nothing makes a home more clean and modern than a glass garage door. They come in a wide variety of styles. Your glass garage door can be highly customized with color and tint for your needed level of style and privacy.

Steel doors are the most popular kinds of garage doors as they require little maintenance, and they are strong and fairly weather resistant. They can be uniquely designed with window inserts and insulation as well as colors to create the perfect door for your home.

Norfolk, VA is no stranger to hurricanes and high winds. J&S Overhead Garage Door Service Provides hurricane-proof, wind-loaded garage doors that can resist gusts of up to 180 miles an hour. These garage doors can be customized as well to fit the wind level rating you are seeking as well as with the option of impact glass.

Aluminum Garage Doors

If you have a modern style of home, aluminum garage doors can complement the exterior. They require very little maintenance, and they are durable. They are also corrosion and water-resistant. They are lightweight, which makes installation a bit easier and makes the doors that much safer. 

Faux Wood Garage Door

Wood can give any home a classic look. However, it is not always the most practical material for a garage door. Real wood doors are beautiful but require constant maintenance with yearly painting and staining. Faux Wood Garage Doors have the same beautiful appeal but without the extra work. We can install faux wood doors that are available in several different styles of wood, such as mahogany and oak.

How a Garage Door Works

A garage door moves up and down with a spring system while keeping everything under tension. While the springs do all the heavy lifting, this is what makes the garage door feel light. Since all the parts work together, they all play their part in keeping your door running smoothly. If any of the garage door parts fail or are worn, this causes the door to malfunction and brake. Our professional staff of technicians are trained in making your garage door run like new again..  

How Garage Door Openers Work

A garage door opener is a motorized apparatus that makes your door go up and down. It is guided by switches on the wall of the garage. It is operated by a remote that makes it incredibly convenient to use your garage door.
The door opener will have a Motorhead attached to the ceiling of the garage. The motor is what drives the belt or chain along the rails, ultimately lifting the door for you. The safety sensors located at the bottom of the tracks are a built-in safety mechanism designed to detect an obstruction. The photo-eye senses if there is an obstruction and stops the door from closing.

What can cause a garage door to fail?

Proper maintenance is essential to making your garage doors operate smoothly.  A garage door can last a long time when it is cared for regularly. The door of your garage is likely to be the largest moving part of your home. It consists of many smaller moving parts. Any one of these parts can make the whole system not operate optimally. A broken garage door can be easily accessed and repaired by our expert technicians. 


A piece of equipment with so many parts is bound to need maintenance and repair occasionally. The motor of the automatic garage door opener may fail to operate correctly if it detects a problem. Problems including heavy doors, shaky doors, and broken cables can all make the use of the door nearly impossible.

Garage Doors are very dangerous, and only trained professionals should attempt to fix them. Torsion springs are under a tremendous amount of tension and could cause serious injury or death if not correctly handled. You should never make any repairs yourself. 

Maintenance can be as easy as basic adjustment or as serious as garage door rollers falling out of the tracks. But not to worry, J&S Overhead Garage Door can handle all of your garage door and opener needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my garage door opening or closing by itself?

Garage doors rarely open and close by themselves, but when they do, it can be aggravating. Generally, this is due to either outdated technology or radio signal interference. With Norfolk, VA being a hot spot for military activity, sometimes with ships coming in and out of port, signals can be jammed, hence causing the garage door to act crazy. There are remedies we can use to fix this such as alternate garage door opener styles using a different radio signal.

2. How do I know if there’s a broken spring in my garage door?

You may have a broken spring if your garage door will not open or close. If you hear a loud “POP” noise, it may be because the garage door spring has just broken. We stock all sizes of garage door springs, including extension springs, so all repairs can be made quickly on the spot. Ask about our high-cycle garage door springs with our 18-year warranty!

3. Can a garage door keypad be fixed?

Garage door keypads are more often than not are replaced if they were to malfunction but sometimes it’s just a matter of changing the battery and reprogramming the operator unit. 

4. How long is my garage door opener supposed to last?

J & S Overhead Garage Door Services offers a full menu of services for your garage door and that includes garage door openers. Since not all garage door openers are the same, depending on the quality of the unit, this will generally indicate how long it should last. Openers with a warranty of only 1 year may only last that long. We suggest sticking with openers with warranties of at least five years, giving you some longevity. Many older models lasted up to 20 years because the parts were easily repaired, and the uber technology had not yet been built in.

We provide the best-in-class Liftmaster garage door opener for residential buildings. Our garage door opener options can include battery back up, WiFi, Smart Apps, cameras, keyless entries, smart control panels, and amazing warranties. Give us a call today to discuss our options available to you. Ask for a Same Day Professional Installation 7 Days a Week!

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Client Reviews

We are so thankful for J & S!!! I requested for someone from their team to come out and repair our garage door spring. Just a few short hours later, I received a phone call from ADAM saying he was on his way. Upon arrival he assessed the garage door and explained what needed to be done to ensure that it will run properly again. He was very thorough and fair with the estimate, did the work quickly and efficiently (less than an hour), and was very pleasant to work with. I will highly recommend him and this company to all of my family and friends!!!! Thank you again!

Maria Covington

My garage door spring broke. Called J&S and Adam came out help replace my spring and oiled my door very quickly and reliable. Sounds better than before it broke. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

Chris Barnes

J&S came out and installed a new opener! The mechanic that came out was Zachary, he was knowledgeable and helpful. He explained everything so I could understand. I could tell he really enjoys what he does. Which also tells me he works for a good company. Thanks guys for job well done!

Justin Wright

I had a Broken spring and J&S came out and did a wonderful Job! Thank you!

Leslie Mann

I am so thankful that I chose to do business with this company. I called on Tuesday and the guy that I spoke with gave me a fair estimate. He was really nice. He set me up for an install for today ( Friday). The technician was Zachery. He was very professional and very friendly. He explained everything to me. This company did not disappoint.

LoLo Hanna

What a great company and amazing people! We had 4 garage doors replaced and could not be more pleased with the outcome! From the first phone call from Joe to the install from Rob, the process could have not been more easy! Rob is AMAZING! He took the necessary time to do the install and then provided a complete explanation of the new doors. He also installed a new door opener on our “big” door and took the time to not only explain and show us, he also linked all of the remotes to work with the other doors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Gregory - Valerie Ring

J&S originally installed my garage door opener back in 2016. I was having issues with the door closing so I called them yesterday. They scheduled an appointment for today and sent Adam. He was on time and professional. Adam was able to replace the sensors and made sure the indoor switch worked as well as the car remotes before he left. He wasn’t even here a full hour and had the job complete!

Shawn Wright

Exceptional service! Knowledgeable, friendly technicians Adam and Carlos. I highly recommend J&S for service

Tracy Hardee

I had a great experience! Adam arrived on time after calling that he was on his way. He explained everything, was professional, and fixed the problem very quickly. I already have them saved for any garage service in the future.

Megan Rosten

This by far has been one of the best repair experiences that I have ever had. I contacted the company in the morning and a technician was dispatched the same day and completely finished installing two new Garage door openers, and additional door support. The technician, Adam was professional, but yet personable. I highly recommend J & S Overhead Garage Door Service.

Melvin Marriner