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Garage Door Openers in Virginia Beach, VA

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Garage Door Openers Installations

There are many different types of garage door openers such as:

No matter which type you choose to open your garage door, you want it to open every time without fail. That’s why the proper installation and maintenance of a high-quality garage door opener is so important. And J&S Overhead Garage Door Services is the company with the experience and resources to deliver both.

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How Garage Door Openers Work

Garage door openers in Virginia Beach provide convenience to your everyday life. They are however completely separate from the actual garage door itself. Naturally a garage door can be opened and closed manually without a door opener. But why would you?

The real purpose of the garage door opener is to replace the manual aspect. This means when the weather turns bad, you won’t have to hoof it through the elements into the garage, to open the door, to then run back through the cold, to then drive into the garage. A push of a button has never been so sweet.

As long as the garage door is properly balanced and in good working condition, a garage door opener can be easily professionally installed on any size residential or commercial garage door. And just like that… Every time you push the remote button, the garage door opener will easily move the garage door through the tracks, saving you precious time.

If you are interested in installing or replacing your garage door opener in Virginia Beach, VA then give us a call today! Ask about our same day professional installations.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are several different types of garage door openers. If you are considering purchasing a garage door opener system, a J&S technician can walk you through your options.

Chain drive garage door openers

The main reasons why homeowners choose chain drive garage door opener installations are because they are affordable, reliable, and most of all, convenient. Because they cost less than belt drive systems, these are a great choice for many homeowners. 

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive systems are provide smooth and quiet operation, which is great, especially if you have a room above the garage. Depending on your preference and needs, it’s sometimes worth the additional investment. Our Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Door Openers have additional benefits including upgraded security benefits, longer manufacturers warranties and exciting new tech like wifi, cameras and battery backup.

Wall-Mounted Garage Door Openers

Sometimes called side-mounted openers or jackshaft openers, wall-mounted garage door openers differ from the other styles because they don’t have a chain, so they save a lot of overhead space. Instead of a motor and a chain, a thin box is placed next to the garage door. The motor in the unit turns a wheel that is in direct connection with the door. These are particularly attractive to homeowners who have bedrooms near the garage and want a quiet, vibration-free garage door for homeowners who don’t have the space required for other types of garage door openers.

Same-Day Service

If you live near Virginia Beach, J&S can get your brand new garage door up and running smoothly within 3-4 hours on the same day that you call us for garage door opener installation or garage door opener repair. If you have an older garage door and want to upgrade to a newer model, we can schedule a garage door opener installation for you right away if you live in Virginia Beach.

Garage Door Openers Repair

It’s frustrating when you need garage door opener repair and can’t get the repair service on the phone or they are booked up for days. We provide same-day service and will assess your garage door to figure out whether it’s a problem with the door itself or the opener. Whatever the issue is, we will be able to provide same-day garage door opener repair service to get your garage door back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see the answer that you need here, then feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to help you out. If you have an older system, upgrading it may be in your best interest being that someone would only need a screwdriver to hack your older garage door opener from the outside of your home. We would be more than happy to explain how this is possible if you have any questions or concerns.

How is my garage door opener secure?

Door openers are cryptographically secure using the same technology that is used in keyless entries. Every new garage door opener has a special security feature called a “rolling code.” This prevents a hacker from being able to record the code during the transmission from your button to the motor and open up your garage door at a later time.

Why Choose J&S Overhead Garage Door Service of Virginia Beach?

You want to rely on your garage door to work every time you click the button, so we provide same-day installation and repair services throughout the Hampton Roads area. You can set up your service call by calling us at (757)748-0770. We’d be happy to assist homeowners and commercial property managers in the following areas:

  • Virginia Beach
  • Chesapeake
  • Norfork
  • Suffolk
  • Newport News
  • Hampton
  • Poquoson
  • Yorktown
  • Portsmouth
  • Smithfield
  • Williamsburg

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New Garage Door Openers

Basic Package

1/3 H.P. Chain Drive Automatic Garage Door Opener. Includes:

  • 1 Single Button Remote.
  • Professional Basic Installation.
  • Manufacturers 1 Years Motor and Parts Warranty.
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Chain Drive 1/2 h.p. Liftmaster

1/2 h.p. Liftmaster Chain Drive Automatic Garage Door Opener. Includes:

  • (2) Multi-Button Remotes
  • Exterior Numeric Keyless Entry Pad
  • Multi-function Interior Wall Control
  • WiFi with MyQ
  • Professional Basic Installation.
  • Manufacturers Lifetime Motor and 1 Years Parts Warranty Included.
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Belt Drive 3/4 h.p Liftmaster

3/4 h.p. Liftmaster Belt Drive Automatic Garage Door Opener. Includes:

  • (2) Multi-Button Remotes
  • Exterior Numeric Keyless Entry Pad
  • Multi-function Interior Smart Wall Control Panel with motion detection with activating light, also displays time and temperature
  • Battery Backup
  • WiFi with MyQ
  • Professional Basic Installation.
  • Manufacturers Lifetime Motor and 5 Year Parts Warranty.
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Liftmaster Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Residential Jackshaft Operator Automatic Garage Door Opener. Includes:

  • (1) Remote
  • Professional Basic Installation.
  • Manufacturers Lifetime and 5 Year Parts Warranty Included.
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Liftmaster Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Residential Jackshaft Operator Automatic Garage Door Opener. Includes:

  • (2) 3 Button Remotes
  • Exterior Numeric Keyless Entry
  • Battery Backup
  • WiFi with MyQ
  • Professional Basic Installation.
  • Manufacturers Lifetime Motor and 5 Year Parts Warranty included.
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Benefits of Garage Door Openers



The Liftmaster Security+ 2.0 features outrank any other manufacturer on the market. To keep your home and family safe, we have the sceurity features your need.



We believe the doors in your life should open reliably. Our Liftmaster Garage Door Openers ensure just that. Equipped with battery backup, even when the power goes out these simply open with the push of a button.



Ever asked yourself "Did I shut the garage door?" Well so have we. Our Liftmaster Garage Door Openers allow you to monitor as well as open and close the garage door right from your smartphone.



Liftmaster Garage Door Openers are known for their reliability and durability when compared to other brands. Their consistent performance year after years peaks for itself.

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Client Reviews

We are so thankful for J & S!!! I requested for someone from their team to come out and repair our garage door spring. Just a few short hours later, I received a phone call from ADAM saying he was on his way. Upon arrival he assessed the garage door and explained what needed to be done to ensure that it will run properly again. He was very thorough and fair with the estimate, did the work quickly and efficiently (less than an hour), and was very pleasant to work with. I will highly recommend him and this company to all of my family and friends!!!! Thank you again!

Maria Covington

My garage door spring broke. Called J&S and Adam came out help replace my spring and oiled my door very quickly and reliable. Sounds better than before it broke. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

Chris Barnes

J&S came out and installed a new opener! The mechanic that came out was Zachary, he was knowledgeable and helpful. He explained everything so I could understand. I could tell he really enjoys what he does. Which also tells me he works for a good company. Thanks guys for job well done!

Justin Wright

I had a Broken spring and J&S came out and did a wonderful Job! Thank you!

Leslie Mann

I am so thankful that I chose to do business with this company. I called on Tuesday and the guy that I spoke with gave me a fair estimate. He was really nice. He set me up for an install for today ( Friday). The technician was Zachery. He was very professional and very friendly. He explained everything to me. This company did not disappoint.

LoLo Hanna

What a great company and amazing people! We had 4 garage doors replaced and could not be more pleased with the outcome! From the first phone call from Joe to the install from Rob, the process could have not been more easy! Rob is AMAZING! He took the necessary time to do the install and then provided a complete explanation of the new doors. He also installed a new door opener on our “big” door and took the time to not only explain and show us, he also linked all of the remotes to work with the other doors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Gregory - Valerie Ring

J&S originally installed my garage door opener back in 2016. I was having issues with the door closing so I called them yesterday. They scheduled an appointment for today and sent Adam. He was on time and professional. Adam was able to replace the sensors and made sure the indoor switch worked as well as the car remotes before he left. He wasn’t even here a full hour and had the job complete!

Shawn Wright

Exceptional service! Knowledgeable, friendly technicians Adam and Carlos. I highly recommend J&S for service

Tracy Hardee

I had a great experience! Adam arrived on time after calling that he was on his way. He explained everything, was professional, and fixed the problem very quickly. I already have them saved for any garage service in the future.

Megan Rosten

This by far has been one of the best repair experiences that I have ever had. I contacted the company in the morning and a technician was dispatched the same day and completely finished installing two new Garage door openers, and additional door support. The technician, Adam was professional, but yet personable. I highly recommend J & S Overhead Garage Door Service.

Melvin Marriner