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4 Types of Garage Door Track Repair in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated: Jan 21

Here are 4 Types Garage Door Track Repair in Norfolk, Virginia area and Why You May Need One. Also 1 Bonus Type you Should Stay Away From.

People may not consider their Garage Door Tracks until the garage door falls out of them. Today we will explain how a garage door track replacement may be just what you need.

1.) High Lift Track Conversion- What is that you may ask? Well it's honestly the most interesting of the types we will discuss... (It's the stuff MAN CAVE DREAMS are built from.) If you are the type that actually uses your garage as a work space, has high ceilings and have ever wished for your very own car lift in the garage to work on vehicles and equipment you understand that there is just one problem...The garage door. When the garage door is in the up position it's literally over your head. (no room for the lift) When the garage door is down the garage door tracks are still over your head. (Again, no room for the lift) So one may think "well, I guess a car lift is out of the question. UNLESS J&S Overhead Garage Door Service can some how come to my rescue and somehow make it work". Well i'm excited to say "We Can"!

What you need is a High Lift Track conversion or just a whole new garage door with high lift track. It allows the garage door to ride straight up the wall instead of up and over your head. This gives you all the overhead room you need for your New Car Lift! So yes, it's possible and Yes, we can help! We generally see this type of situation in Norfolk, Virginia since many of the new homes are built with high ceilings. So if you need a Garage Door Track Repair in Norfolk, Virginia just give us a call.

2.) The second type of Garage Door Track Repair we will explain is low head room track. Maybe you have an old solid one piece garage door that you are hoping to convert into a modern style garage door. Maybe not to keep up with the Jones' since they no longer live on your street but maybe you actually want to use your garage door! I hate to be the one to tell you but tread carefully. Many people just go out to a big box store, purchase a garage door maybe even attempt to install it only to find out the door does not open. Ooops! Well We have the solution for that.

First off we have a Experienced Installers who first take all the proper measurements so we know exactly what your particular garage door installation will involve. And believe me no two are ever the same. Quite often we see this older style garage door in the Norfolk, Virginia area. (Probably to save space in the city.) However if you are trying to replace the garage door we are able to provide the correct low head room style track your new garage door more than likely requires. If you are in need of a Garage Door Track Repair in Norfolk give, us call and we would be more than happy to assist you.

3.) Number 3 is everyone's favorite... The "I ran into the garage door with my car" Garage Door Track Repair. This type of repair generally involves not only garage door track replacement but possibly the replacement of damaged parts or even garage door panels themselves depending on the extent of the damage. But don't worry we got you covered. and trust us it happens more than you might think.

This reminds me of a personal experience I had with a Portsmouth customer who had ran into the garage door. When we arrived on the scene at the home around 11:00 at night the SUV had literally plowed it's way through the wooden garage door severely damaging the SUV and destroying the entire wooden garage door. They told me they were woken by a huge crashing sound. They came running down the stairs opened the door into the garage only find the damage. Apparently their 15 year old daughter who has no license was attempting to meetup with her friends with her parents asleep. She drove forward instead of in reverse and BOOM! The rest is history. Needless to say we were able to replace the garage door the next day but only after a wrecker was able to pull the car out.- You can't make this stuff up!

4.) number 4 spot goes to the "oh no, I can't fit a garage door opener"! Garage door openers like garage doors also require headroom and really only an expert can know for sure if or how it's all going to fit. But if you find yourself short of headroom space to mount the garage door opener, we actually have several options for that. The most popular is just a standard garage door track retrofit to accomodate the extra room needed. We offer garage door track repair in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Poquoson and Surrounding areas. We offer Same Day Service and Emergency Service for those times when you really need it. But before we officially end this blog I would like to mention the one type of garage door track repair everyone should stay away from. (The Bonus!)

BONUS: Everyone should avoid greasing the tracks to attempt a garage door track repair. While this may sound logical it is incredibly counter intuitive. Using "trucker" grease as we call that thick red lubricating grease in the track prevents the garage door rollers from doing their only job which is to Roll. Because this grease is so think the garage door tries to slide in the tracks and because of the tremendous weight of the garage door it creates friction and you actually end up with a garage door that is much harder to move and which then also puts additional stress on the garage door opener generally causing only more trouble.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments section of this blog. If you like the information, please like it or share it with others. To schedule a Garage Door Track Repair in the Norfolk/ Virginia Beach area Call or Book appointment online.

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