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5 Best 2020 Residential Garage Door Styles

Updated: Sep 23

Here are the Top 5 Garage Doors styles every home owner should have on their radar for 2020.

1.) Glass Garage Doors

2.) Carriage House Garage Doors

3.) Insulated Garage Doors

4.) Faux Wood Garage Doors

5.) Steel Garage Doors

That's the simple answer but if you would like to know why, keep reading.

1.) Glass Garage Doors are a very modern style often seen on television shows and magazines. They display the home in a showcase sort of way really bringing out the beauty of it. This same style is more often seen in a commercial setting such as fire houses, trendy restaurants and auto shops. Commercial garage doors have often had this version of the garage door for transparency but it is now being taken over by upscale homes trying to out do the other. Done well a glass garage doors can definitely set your residential garage door apart from every other home not only on the street but probably the neighborhood.

2.) Carriage House Garage Doors come in number two on our list because of their increase in popularity. In many cases Carriage House Style Garage Doors are the number one requested model. They have the ability to bring an outdated home up to a more modern era with an old wold feel. Carriage House Garage Doors in Poquoson are often installed on brand new homes to make the neighborhood standard. We see more and more often entire neighborhoods being built with this updated style because it increases a homes value generally speaking.

3.) Insulated Garage Doors are also on our top 5 2020 list because they are in fact still so popular and for several reasons. The first reason this garage door is so popular is because people are required either by city ordinance or by homeowners association to replace a garage door with exactly what was there in the first place. Insulated garage doors do however come in many styles and designs. Even Carriage House Garage Doors can be Insulated. Insulated provide energy efficiency and reliable performance that many residential homeowners are looking for.

4.) Faux Wood Garage Doors are a great alternative to real wood garage doors being they are actually steel garage doors. Faux Wood Garage Doors in Poquoson, Virginia come in traditional and modern designs. There are also several different colors of wood to select some of which include Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. These garage doors are virtually a maintenance free, so yearly painting or staining is a thing of the past. A Professional Garage Door Service can professionally install faux wood garage doors with the same effort as standard styles.

5.) Steel Garage Doors are very popular because most garage doors are actually constucted with steel. Steel garage doors can be insulated or non insulated and can be color customized. Most steel garage doors are in stock for fast installations. Steel garage doors in Poquoson can also include decorated window designs, which can be chosen to match windows on your home. Most residential garage doors are steel garage doors. Many people assume they are aluminum because when the correct garage door springs are assembled on the garage door it can feel very light.

Well that wraps up our Top 5 2020 Garage Doors List. J&S Overhead Garage Door Service does offer all of the mentioned garage door styles and also provides Free Estimates and Professional Garage Door Installations 7 Days a Week in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. Give us a call or visit the rest of our website to book your appointment online.

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