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7 Most Popular Garage Door Repairs in Virginia Beach, VA

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Life in Virginia Beach,Va can be "Beachy". It's a beautiful and lively place to live and raise a family especially in the summer. However broken garage doors but a damper on any situation. Since garage doors seem to break on their own schedule homeowners may not know what to expect when it does happen. We have the 7 Most Popular Garage Door Repairs in Virginia Beach, VA

1.) Garage Door Spring Repair in Virginia Beach are popular because so many homeowners have garage doors. Garage door springs can make a garage door feel heavy and not liftable. If you garage door won't open you can almost be sure it may have something to do with the spring.

Garage Door Spring replacements in Virginia Beach should only be attempted by an garage door Service Company since the repairs are so dangerous.

2.) Next in line would be a garage door cable repair in Virginia Beach. For an average homeowner it can be difficult to determine where the actual problem lies. Is it the garage door spring or garage door cable or perhaps both that need replacing. A Garage Door Cable problem will also prevent the door from opening. So if you are experiencing a garage door that won't open a garage door cable may be the culprit.

3.) Garage Door Openers in Virginia Beach, VA need some love too as they break when they are worn or old. Whether it's a chain drive garage door opener or belt drive garage door opener just know that they do break down but they can generally be repaired. If a garage door opener repair is not possible due to the opener being extremely worn or old, a garage door opener replacement may be necessary. J&S Overhead Garage Door Service provides Same Day Garage Door Opener Service & Installation

4.) Garage Door Track Repair in Virginia Beach, VA is popular due to unforeseen garage door problems or people just running into the garage door with a car or forklift. -Trust us it happens more than you might imagine. With so many types of garage door track repairs a garage door Service Company would be able to determine what your particular garage door tracks need. Sometimes it's just an adjustment, Track straightening or quite possibly a garage door track replacement.

5.) Overhead Door Repair in Virginia Beach, VA can be complicated as often times the issues may be several separate issues all arising at once. Garage Door parts are rated for usage. So it is not uncommon for several parts to fail together since they all work together. Unfortunately this is how most parts manufacturers design them. We prefer to use the highest quality parts for that very reason. When parts last longer it saves you money down the road. Imagine if you only needed to replace parts every 18-20 years instead of every 1-3 years with the standard hardware most garage door service companies use.

6.) Next is not exactly a repair but a garage door replacement in Virginia Beach, VA. Sometimes garage doors are so far beyond repair it's really the best option for the homeowner to replace the whole garage door. Professional Garage Door Installers should be used to install the door to insure safe usage. With so many design option out there we can assist you in choosing the Perfect Garage Door for your home.

7.) Garage Door Panel Repairs & Replacements are also common because of heavy usage of even misusage. If a pre-existing garage door problem like a garage door spring, cable and Roller issue is not addressed in a timely fashion, it can cause the garage door to fall out of he tracks which tend to damage the garage door panels. Some panels can be repaired while other must be replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

If you are need a garage door repair for your Broken Garage Door in Virginia Beach or Surrounding area, Give us a Call (757)748-0770 or Visit the rest of our website to learn more and Book an Appointment

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