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Are Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Really Better?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

With so many Garage Door Openers on the market, how do we know if Belt Drive Garage Door Openers are actually Better?

Let's start by understanding how a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener actually works. A Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is similar to a chain drive in it's mechanical workings. The main difference it the actual belt itself. Older style garage door openers used a chain that is driven by the motor. Many of the newer styles are Belt Driven, Which is actually quite similar but driven by a belt instead of a chain. However there are still many differences.

One difference is also a huge benefit which is the quietness of the unit. Though it may be driven by the same motor as a chain drive there is a significant difference in both noise level and vibration. Many belt drive openers are labeled as "Quiet" or even "silent" that's because they are actually pretty quiet. Some people may say "oh i don't care about the noise" but some things to keep in mind is the noise you will hear from inside the home. The most affected space would be any room located above the garage. Whether it's a bedroom or just a FROG (Finished room above the garage) a garage door opener can greatly affect what you hear and feel in that particular room. A belt drive garage door opener would be recommended in Newport News if you do have a finished room above the garage so as to not awake or disturb the person in the room every time the garage door is opened or closed.

Another consideration for a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is Warranty. Many times Belt Drive Openers in Newport News, VA will have a Better Warranty than a chain drive garage door opener. Sometimes 5 year and others even a lifetime motor warranty. But the reason may not be just because of the belt but because of it's internal components. Some things to notice is the horsepower of the Opener. You may notice that instead of a standard 1/2 h.p. the belt drive garage door opener may have been built with a 3/4 h.p. motor, which actually does make it better.

Technology is important to many people. We want to know what kind new technology does the newest garage door opener contain. Somethings to consider are updated security features, apps, programmability, wifi, battery backup, motion detection and many other options. Basic chain drive garage door openers often do not contain many of the latest advances. However most belt drive garage door openers do have the extras that you may be searching for. A great option is the Liftmaster 3/4 h.p. Belt Drive Garage Door Opener if you live in the

Last but not least is price point. Belt Drive Garage Door Openers in the Newport News, VA area often cost more than other styles simply because of what they have to offer. Not only do are they quieter, have better warranties, have a larger motor size, and have all the technological bells and whistles. So depending on what you and your home requires a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener in Newport News, Virginia may be well worth the additional cost to receive an upgraded garage door opener. So to sum it up Yes, Belt Drive Garage Door Openers are better but not necessary for every home.

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