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Benefits of Garage Door Spring Replacements in Virginia Beach, VA

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Garage Doors are incredibly useful when they are in proper working order. However, what happens when the garage door spring breaks? Some People assume that the garage door can still be used. But can it really?

A garage door spring is responsible for the lifting of the garage door. If you have ever had a garage door spring break, you may know just how heavy a garage door really is. Without the springs counterbalance system, garage doors are heavier than most people are able to lift. Standard garage doors weigh between 150 and 300 pounds. Unless you are a body builder or training for the strong man competition this may be too much for you to handle. The garage doors counterbalance system when working properly, allows you to open the garage door with very little effort.

In our opinion a garage door spring replacement is the most important garage door repair in Virginia Beach, VA that you may need. Simply put a heavy garage door is just too much to handle. Some people believe the garage door opener is what lifts the garage door. While this may seem true, the job of the garage door opener is actually just to be the manual motion for the opening of the garage door. Garage Door Openers should not be lifting more than 5 pounds. And if by chance the garage door opener is able to lift the garage door, just know that it will damage the garage door opener. Since the gears inside the garage door opener are made of plastic and nylon it does not take much to strip them out. So instead of just needing a garage door spring replacement you may also need a garage door opener in Virginia Beach, VA (Costing you more money.)

There are several types of garage door spring systems. The most common types are Garage Door Torsion Springs and Garage Door Extension Springs. Torsion and Extension both require special training and tools to repair. DIY is not recommended for these projects. A Garage Door Spring Repair in Virginia Beach, VA can benefit you by saving you money, by not having to replace the garage door opener.

Another benefit of a garage door spring replacement is how easy your garage door will be able to lifted. Even if the power goes out you will still be able to lift the garage door manually. (With one hand) An additional benefit of a garage door spring replacement is convenience. Having the ability of being able to simply push a button and have the garage door open and close at will gives a huge advantage to everyday life. Use it as you need it, without all the hassle.

If you need a garage door spring repair be sure to always call a local Garage Door Service Professional. We offer Garage Door Repair 7 Days a Week to fit Your Schedule. Call Us today or Book your garage door service in Virginia Beach, VA by visiting our website

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