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3 Unknown Benefits to Insulated Garage Doors

Updated: Sep 23

Is an Insulated Garage Door Really Worth it?

Everyone Knows Insulated Garage Doors are Better but Why?

As a Garage Door Insider I will dig deep to show some untapped and unknown Benefits of Residential Insulated Garage Doors.

Unknown Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

#1.) Cost

Believe it or not an Insulated Garage Door in Virginia Beach, VA does not cost nearly what many imagine them to. In fact when compared to a non-insulated garage door of the same quality the price difference of a double wide residential garage door can be as little as $200-$300. Totally worth it when you understand that energy savings is a gift that it keeps on giving.

2.) Quietening Effect

Non-insulated garage doors even when newly installed can sometimes be on the noisier side. This is due to them being mostly made of a sheet of steel. As the giant wall of steel moves up, and over the panels flex and tend to make noise. On the other hand an insulated garage door is filled with insulation, so number one the insulation prevents the panels from flexing much and two the small amount of flexing it does do is generally muffled by the insulation.

3.) Adds to a Homes Value

Investing in an Insulated Garage Door in Virginia Beach, VA adds to the value of a home because of it's many benefits. Potential home buyers are also look kindly at homes with insulated garage doors as they are a fairly good indicator of quality in a home. Upscale garage doors generally add more value but there is still much to be said of a standard quality residential insulated garage door.

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