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Do I NEED a Garage Door Cable Repair? Here are 4 ways to Know for Sure.

Updated: Jan 21

Do my garage door cables need a repair or are they just fine the way they are. We will give you 4 easy ways to know if your garage door cables need prompt attention.

Garage Door Cables are part of the garage door spring system. It doesn't matter which type of spring system you have because every one has cables attached. Garage Door cables can make or break your garage door literally. The cables are designed to keep everything tight together and without them can result in major garage door problems.

Here we are going to give you 4 ways to understanding whether or not you need a garage door cable repair in Chesapeake, Virginia

1.) Are the cables rusting? If the answer is Yes. Then Yes, You should definitely receive a professional garage door cable repair. Rusted cables quite frequently happen in area or garages that have frequent flooding. This is a common problem in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk area. Since this area has more frequent hurricanes and Nor Easters this area is more prone to flooding than than most. To add to it salt water evn more rapidly rusts steel garage door cables. If you live in an area such as this where the garage door is in a flood zone, a more proactive approach to rusted cables is to have J&S Overhead Garage Door Service replace them with our stainless steel option. We offer this Stainless steel garage door cable upgrade to certain customer only if it's needed as often standard cables are just fine.

If the garage cables are rusted you are risking them suddenly breaking. Since the cables are what keeps your garage door system together broken garage door cables can be ugly if the garage door falls. Since garage doors can sometimes weigh up to 400 pounds, this is not something that should be taken lightly.

Strangely enough dogs can also cause rusted cables. How you ask? We have seen occasions when the dog stays in the garage for periods of time and prefers to urinate on the garage door or cables causing them to rust quickly. Very quickly. But again since stainless steel does not rust this may be the better option for you.

2.) Are the Garage Door Cables Frayed?

If the answer to this question is Yes, then Yes then a garage door cables repair should be done. An annual garage door safety inspection can detect whether or not your cables are frayed. Most often they are frayed from basic wear and tear or it can be an indicator of another problem with the garage door. Frayed cables should addressed as they to can break without much notice. When the garage door cable breaks it doesn't ever say "Hey i'm about to break" but sometimes it will give you clues like a frayed cable. So if you notice one you should call a garage door service in your area to replace the cables immediately.

3.) Are the Cables Unraveling? If the answer to this question is Yes, then Yes you should have a garage door cable repair. If you notice an unraveling of the steel strings in the cables this is another warning indicator that the garage door is soon to be on the fritz. Unraveling cables tend to resemble a candy cane more than a cable. Broken Garage Door Cables can cause a more serious problem than just the broken cable itself. It often costs more to repair when the whole system goes off line. If caught early enough it can potentially save you some money because it's a simpler repair.

4.) Do the garage door cables appear loose? The answer to this question is a bit more complicated and probably requires the attention of a garage door technician. Since a garage door spring system is tensioned they should always be taunt. Sometimes cables can be tightend up but depending on the system and the parts attached it may be an indicator or another problem such as worn out springs. In such a case it's highly recommended that you have you garage door evalutated by a professional.

Hopefully this article about garage door cables has helped to answer you most frequent questions. If you believe your garage door needs attention or a garage door cable repair in Chesapeake or any of the surrounding Hampton Roads area. Give J&S Overhead Garage Door Service call or visit the rest of our website to simply Book Online. If this article has helped you we would love to hear about it by liking or sharing this article with others.

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