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Do I Need a Garage Door Opener Service or Replacement

Updated: Jan 4

If you are looking into whether or not to replace you current electric garage door opener, or to just repair it, there are several factors to consider. Some of these factors will help you determine what's best for your home and situation. Many Garage Door Opener Repairs can be performed to extend the life your garage opener. However, what you might want to think about is... is it worth it?

Garage Door Openers come in all shapes and sizes. So one helpful factor to consider is how strong is your garage door opener? Chances are if you have a 3/4 h.p. Belt Drive Garage Door Opener in Suffolk, VA the Opener may last much longer than a simpler 1/2 h.p. Chain Drive Garage Door Opener. Heavy Duty Garage Door Openers are built better. The warranties also tend to be better. If you have a better garage opener to begin with, a garage opener service may be the better choice. If your garage door opener still has many years of service left, then why not repair it? Our Garage Door Opener Service in Suffolk, VA can repair most components and problems garage door openers face.

Another determining factor is whether or not the garage door opener has any other underlying problems. For instance, if your garage door frequently won't open or close. Sometimes weather can also change the way a garage door opener functions. This can be an important underlying issue to note when considering a garage door opener replacement.

Age is also very important when weighing you options. The age of a garage door opener can single handedly be a great indicator if the operator should be replaced. If the garage door opener is old and outdated a new one may be the better options. Older garage door openers sometimes have parts than are not attainable or close to the price of a new garage door opener. Many garage door service companies can repair it, but is it worth the cost?

New Garage Door Opener also have security and technological advances that older systems don't. Outdated Garage Door Opener systems can be easily hacked or simply broken into. So if it's older it may not be safer. Newer styles have safety sensors to keep children and pets safe. Some of the much older ones would not even pass a home inspection. New systems have come along way. Many features include Battery Backup, Smart WiFi, apps, interior cameras and motion detection.

Another issue that should be addressed is if the problem is not actually the garage door opener but instead the garage door. If you have a broken garage door, the opener may not work. Or that could have been the cause of the garage door opener problem in the first place. If your garage door needs garage door spring, cables or rollers for instance even a new garage door opener installation wouldn't help you. Garage Door Opener Repairs can be efficiently done by a garage door professional but even more so with your garage door. NEVER use a garage door opener if you suspect a problem, it may just lead to a more costly repair if you do.

Hopefully this blog has laid out some important things to consider when deciding what is right for your home. We offer Same Day Garage Door Opener Repair in Suffolk, VA and Surrounding areas. J&S Overhead Garage Door Service also stocks parts for major brand brands including Chamberlain, Sears, Craftsman, Liftmaster, Genie, Overhead Door Brand and Many more for fast repair. We also will replace any garage door opener system on the spot if needed. Our Professional Garage Door Opener Installers stock Liftmaster Smart Belt Drive Garage Door Openers for Same Day Installations. Call us if you need us! (757)748-0770

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