• Sarah T.

Why a Garage Door Spring Repair is not a DIY Project!

Updated: Jan 21

Let's first start by first explaining what a garage door spring is used for. A garage door spring is basically the tool the garage door uses to do it's heavy lifting. It's set up is a tension system which means there is always some sort of tension attached to the spring to enable the easy open and close of the door. (No it's actually not the garage door opener that does the heavy lifting, it's just taking the place of the manually lifting. Giving you the luxury and ease of just pushing a button for example.)

Next we would like to mention that there are several types of garage door systems and some do resemble each other but have completely different parts. Since all the garage door parts work in unison, if one part fails so does the rest of the system. Sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Such as a garage door landing on top of a car or even somebody. Most garage doors range in weight anywhere from 70 lbs. to 400 lbs. -Not something you want landing on you!

As many Garage Door Professionals will tell you a garage door spring replacement is not something you should ever attempt on your own or even with someone else if you haven't been fully trained. Since there any many working and moving parts one wrong move can leave you badly hurt or i really have to say it? Garage Door Professional are highly trained in their field of expertise. Also in my experience no two doors are ever exactly the same. Garage Door Spring Repair n Virginia Beach should be taken seriously. Now DIY projects definitely have there place in life for example a nice garden, delicious chocolate cake or even a nice new coat of paint in the living room. The good thing about these types of projects is the worse you can do is fail. However with garage doors if you fail it probably means a trip to the emergency room. And this is not to scare anyone, only to inform. This actually reminds me of a true story I encountered several years back.

This story starts as I walked into a customers garage expecting to repair his broken garage door spring, as he had told me prior, that's what his problem was. Except what I found was much more disturbing. His hand and arm was bandages up pretty good and there were drops of blood EVERYWHERE. Like seriously everywhere. Blood on the garage door, the wall, the floor, even on the refrigerator which was standing next to the garage door. I asked him what happened here. He looked back embarrassed and proceeded to tell me that he attempted to repair his garage door spring himself because he saw someone do it on utube and was convinced he also could do it since he considered himself mechanically inclined. So as I continued listening to his story he told me he didn't just try to fix it once or even twice but three time ending up in the emergency all 3 times. I laughed because what else can you say at that point. But I did suggest that maybe he should have given us a call at least after the first emergency room visit. So I can never be sure if it was the stitches or maybe the doctors advise that finally talked some sense into him. However none the less within a couple of hours his garage door was fixed and I was one my way. A true story like this brings a whole new level to garage door safety... all you need to know is YES Garage Doors are Dangerous and YES only a Garage Door Professional should repair your garage door. Give us a call if you need a garage door repair. We offer Same Day Service in the Virginia Beach and surrounding area.

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