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Help! My Garage Door Won't Open.

Updated: Sep 17

When the garage door won't open, here are some common reasons why.

When the garage door won't open in Hampton, Virginia it can be frustrating. Especially when the car is trapped in the garage and you need to be somewhere. Garage Doors don't open for many reasons but here are some of the more common explanations.

The first thing you may want to check is the garage door remote. Sometimes the garage door remote battery goes dead and just needs to be replaced. You may want to try replacing the garage door remote battery to see if this simple fix solves your problem.

The next thing you may want to address is, does the garage door opener have power? If a power outage or shortage has taken place the automatic garage door opener will not work unless the opener has battery backup. In which case is quite useful. We offer Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Door Openers which do include a battery back up system to prevent this very thing. Also sometimes the power cord may have came out of the outlet being simply unplugged in which case you can just plug it back into the ceiling.

Another garage door problem is of a bit more concern. This would be to check if you can visibly see a broken garage door spring or broken garage door cable. If this is the case DO NOT attempt to open the broken garage door even if the opener is trying to lift it. The reason a broken spring or cable will prevent the garage door from opening is that it is essentially what does the actual lifting of the garage door. The garage door springs are the counter balance for the weight of the garage door and the garage door cables keep the tension system together. If you garage door won't open in Newport News or the Hampton area we offer Same Day Service to get your garage door running again. As you would in this case need a professional to to repair the door with a garage door spring replacement or garage door cable replacement. (Which ever is necessary).

If your garage door won't open in Hampton, Va it may be because the garage door opener itself is having trouble. The garage door and the garage door opener are separate mechanisms as the garage door can open manually without a garage door opener as long as the garage door is in good working order. If the garage door opener has weakened or aged it may be time to repair or replace it depending the problem. But a Professional garage door service company would be able to let you know for sure.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight into the reasons why your garage door won't open. If you need to schedule service in the Hampton Roads area give us a call visit our website to book online.

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