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What is an Emergency Overhead Door Repair?

Updated: Jan 21

Everyone knows when they need a garage door repair but what classifies it as an EMERGENCY? Well, here are some examples of when you may need an Emergency Overhead Door Repair.

Sometimes garage doors simply stop working though there can be many causes. Emergency Overhead Door Repair in Chesapeake, Virginia generally occurs when you least expect it. J&S Overhead Garage Door Service would generally classify a garage door repair an emergency when the repair simply cannot wait, Or when something catastrophic has occurred.

An example of a garage door emergency would be for example if the garage door has fallen out of the tracks and is at risk of hurting someone. Garage Door Track Repair in Chesapeake is common however if the overhead door is hanging out of the tracks, generally this is something that should be repaired immediately. The garage door is capable of landing on a person or vehicle so securing the garage door is of utmost priority. (We should note that you should never go near an overhead door that is coming out of the tracks.)

Another example of Chesapeake Emergency Overhead Door Repair would be if the garage door won't open and the car is trapped inside. Now this may sound funny at first but it can actually be quite serious. We've had customers that need to leave to get to the airport to catch an international flight, customers who Need to get to work or even church on time. Maybe you have a child that needs to be picked up from school or daycare. Either way we understand you need to be places because of your busy schedule. That's why we are here! We offer Emergency Service 7 Days a Week and for this very reason.

Overhead Garage Door Repairs come in all shapes and sizes. Now some may be more apparent than others. But the garage door needs to be repaired quickly. People generally lock up before going to bed but what happens when you try to shut the garage door and it won't close? Maybe you have important or expensive items in the garage that need to be secured including tools and even toys. Maybe you don't live in an area that let's just say... you may not trust everyone, and you don't want to leave the less secure interior door exposed to home intruders. How many times have you driven down the road at night only to see someones garage door open with no one around. Not very often- as they would be just asking for trouble!

Garage Door Spring Repair in Chesapeake is quite common and can be addressed quickly and efficiently. When the Garage Door Spring breaks a replacement would be needed. This is why we stock all garage door spring sizes on the trucks so our experienced technicians can quickly repair the overhead door right on the spot. Sometimes this can wait but when it can't we understand.

The moral of the story... if you think it's an Emergency... it Probably is. And we're here to help!

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