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Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA

Hurricane Garage Door Installations in Norfolk, VA

J&S Overhead Garage Door Service Specializes in Hurricane Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA. Our wind load garage doors can can be customized to withstand winds of up to 189 mph. Our Expert Staff will assist you in selecting the Perfect Hurricane Proof Garage Door for your home. Our Garage Door Installers Provide Professional Commercial and Residential Garage Door Installations in Norfolk and Surrounding areas. We offer Free Estimates 7 days a week to fit your schedule. Call Today to Schedule a Free Estimate (757) 748-0770.


Garage Doors Styles in Norfolk, VA

Carriage House Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk

Our Wind Loaded Garage Doors can be built to look beautiful on the outside and also able to withstand Hurricane force winds. Our Carriage House Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA is exactly what you have been searching for. 

Steel Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA

Traditional Steel Garage Doors can easily be upgraded to wind-load status. Our Wind-Load Garage Doors in Norfolk are Certified from the manufacturer so you can be assured it will meet or exceed any zoning requirements. 

Faux Wood Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk

Our Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA can be ordered with the Faux Wood Grain finish. This Sherman Williams tri-directional paint comes straight from the manufacturer with the same paint finish warranty as standard colors. 3 beautiful finishes are available such as Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. 

Insulated Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk

Yes! We can insulate your Wind Load Garage Door in Norfolk, VA. Multiple double and triple layer insulated wind-load garage doors styles are available. Each hurricane proof garage door is customized to your specifications.`So if you need your insulated door to withstand 160 mph winds...No Problem, We got you covered! 
Design Your Wind Load  Garage Door

Benefits of

Wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA 

No wolf will huff or puff these wind-load garage doors in Norfolk down. Able to withstand winds of over 180 mph, each door is Certified Wind-Load from the manufacturer.
Did you know most wind damage from Hurricanes are generally caused by the failure of the garage door? NOT ANY MORE!!! Ask our expert staff about our Hurricane Proof wind Load Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA
Wind-load Garage Doors in Norfolk, VA can be fully customized. Customizations include insulation, wind requirements hardware upgrades and paint finishes.
Most of our steel garage doors can be built with Wind Load in Norfolk. You pick the garage door and we outfit the wind-load.
Add a New Garage Door Opener!

Add a New Garage Door Opener to any New Garage Door Starting at Only $389 Installed!

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